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by Dave Darrow

No, it’s not an attempt to throw as many buzzwords into a title as possible, mobile augmented reality training is a new concept that a confluence of technologies has made possible. The idea of augmented reality applications is not new. The basic concept is that some type of display technology allows a computer-generated image to overlay a current view of the world. Here are some examples of how this can be implemented:

  1. A head-mounted display that is either semi-transparent or covers only 1 eye shows computer-generated images or text over a persons vision.
  2. A head-mounted display that completely obstructs a viewers vision displays a composite of computer-generated information with a live video feed of the viewers surroundings from a head-mounted camera.
  3. A combination of a camera and display in one unit (like a smartphone) that combines computer-generated information with the live feed coming from the units camera.

Additionally, these systems may have GPS, compass, and/or accelerometer technologies inside in order to track orientation and position. The exciting part is that more and more consumers are buying compatible systems of the third type without even realizing it: smartphones.



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